Burgbad Badmöbel rc40


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. True. But on the other hand, the love of detail gives the whole its character and radiance, to say nothing of the practical added value. Two ways of looking at the same thing – and with rc40 both are similarly fascinating. Those who love unpretentious design won‘t notice until later that almost nothing can be seen of the mechanics of a bathroom. Whereas those who are interested in the functional options are astonished at the innovative design solutions burgbad has found: Technology and design in perfect harmony.


The following pages give you an impression of how the wealth of practical details joins up into irresistible complete solutions: from wash basin commodes that seem to float on the wall, to storage doors and no-glare LED lighting integrated flush into the mirrors. This is the same way that flat screens or touch displays are built into mirror walls – very elegantly, and invisible when switched off. So many components. Uncountable combinations. And at the end it all comes together to a whole that is as distinctive as your signature.

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