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productNumber: SETN123
Measurement: 1230x495mm

illuminated mirror
2 tube lights T5/CW, 13 Watt
1 switch
carcass: alu coloured
ceramic washbasin
depth of basin: 100 mm
basin size 450x300 mm
Under cupboard
2 drawers top with bottle-trap cut-out and divider
4 drawers down
spec. siphon

Available fronts

Acryl grey high glossAcryl white high glossLacquer champagne mattLacquer dark grey high glossLacquer dark grey mattLacquer grey high glossLacquer grey mattLacquer light grey high glossLacquer light grey mattLacquer sand high glossLacquer reed high glossLacquer reed mattLacquer black high glossLacquer black mattLacquer white high glossLacquer white mattThermoform basalt grey mattThermoform hacienda creamThermoform hacienda blackThermoform marone truffle decorMelamine alaska oak decorMelamine vermont oak decorMelamine oak grey brown rough cutThermoform Cashmere oak decorThermoform flanelle oak decor

Available handles

Bar handle G0090Long line handle G0092